Covering news about child welfare in New Mexico from spring 2021 through early summer 2022

  1. New Mexico lags in mandated foster care reforms
  2. ‘Without language, we are nothing’: New Mexico to pay Native-language teachers equally
  3. New federal immigration policy offers easier path to legal residency for some young migrants
  4. Not enough beds, services for homeless youth in New Mexico
  5. Video — Tackling youth homelessness in New Mexico
  6. Video — ‘I try my hardest’: Homeless youth fight substance abuse in New Mexico
  7. Video — ‘There’s no safe place’: One queer youth shelter serves all of New Mexico
  8. After a win for U.S. climate change education, classroom implementation is off to a slow start
  9. iPad rentals, emergency funds and food pantries: What it takes to make “free college” work for all students
  10. New Mexico’s marijuana record expungement lags behind legalization
  11. New ghost gun rule unlikely to stem violence amid thriving youth gun culture
  12. Youth find hope restoring Rio Grande wetlands threatened by climate change 
  13. Youth employment opportunities shine bright this summer
  14. New Mexico child welfare agency gets funding boost
  15. New Mexico officials hope to open state’s first safe house for sex trafficked youth
  16. Video — ‘We celebrate together’: Home visitation programs support new parents
  17. New Mexico to offer equal pay to Native American teachers
  18. New Mexico’s first Native family court points to success keeping kids in tribal
  19. Native activists hail passage of New Mexico Indian Family Protection Act communities
  20. New Mexico to create new legal aid office for child welfare cases
  21. New Mexico lawmakers, citing political frustrations, pull juvenile justice reform bill 
  22. National Guard deploys for new emergency: Teacher shortages
  23. New approach to teaching race in school divides New Mexico
  24. Educators skeptical of states’ plans to solve staffing shortages with bureaucrats, troops
  25. New Mexico child welfare agency seeks more funding as lawmakers convene
  26. New Mexico education officials miss transparency deadline
  27. Photo essay — Former foster youth navigate motherhood
  28. Overdue education plan frustrates New Mexico native leaders
  29. Rural New Mexico school buys Starlink internet for students
  30. New Mexico court reiterates need for sentencing reform in granting parole to juvenile lifer 
  31. New head of New Mexico child welfare department pledges to ‘listen and learn’ in face of challenges
  32. Slide show — Slow internet limits opportunities for rural New Mexico youth
  33. Latest New Mexico K-12 curriculum controversy, only on Zoom
  34. Education funding on ballots in New Mexico cities’ elections
  35. New Mexico awards $157M in grants to child care providers
  36. Data on child abuse in New Mexico called into question
  37. New Mexico pledges support for tribal adoptions in state law
  38. Behind bars since age 16, juvenile lifer watches New Mexico struggle over sentencing reform
  39. Pandemic relief for foster youth expires, ending aid to thousands
  40. New Mexico education policy director resigns over remarks
  41. New Mexico head of child services steps down following controversies
  42. New Mexico to begin distributing $1.8 million in pandemic aid to former foster youth
  43. Fired New Mexico child services employees file whistleblower lawsuit
  44. New Mexico moves up from last in nonprofit’s child welfare ranking
  45. A New Mexico foster mom posted about missing children on Facebook. Child services is suing her for it.
  46. New Mexico summer programs for youth include new internships
  47. Can monthly cash payments cut child poverty by nearly half?
  48. Ban on juvenile life without parole fails in New Mexico
  49. New Mexico CYFD routinely deletes information that could be life-saving for kids, attorneys and lawmakers charge

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